Maintain critical uptime in fruit & vegetable processing and packaging

Keep fruit & vegetable harvesting, freezing and in-container processing operating on schedule, to the highest safety and quality standards. The Klean Portfolio brings you durable, food-safe conveyors and components engineered to handle abrasive processes, protect delicate fruits & vegetables, and mitigate contamination risk. From receiving raw product to serving up the healthy options consumers demand, our conveying solutions help you optimize efficiency and uptime.


Protect employees and products with food-safe belts expertly engineered for fruit & vegetable processing. Klean Portfolio solutions are designed to reduce the probability of breakage, with high detectability to further minimize contamination risk. Durable conveying solutions deliver long operating life, standing up to UV rays, abrasive substances and temperature extremes. Streamlined sanitation helps reduce maintenance time and water use. And smooth conveying minimizes product damage and loss, increasing production. It all adds up to a low total cost of ownership.

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