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Rexnord ball bearings are available in a wide variety of shaft sizes, shaft mounting styles, sealing options, and housing styles to meet all your ball bearing needs. Rely on Rexnord for ball bearing solutions that can reduce your overall costs.

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Link-Belt for All Your Ball Bearing Needs

Every need, every application—we have your bearing. 

Link-Belt offers a full range of highly customizable ball bearings from intermediate duty to heavy duty. Our Link-Belt 200 series include standard, intermediate and medium duty ball bearings that offer a wide-variety of customization options. Rexnord’s Centrik-Lok CL shaft locking device provides quick, easy installation and removal, with substantially improved holding power. 

Our 300 series ball bearings feature our line of highly customizable heavy-duty ball bearings with exceptional speed and load handling capabilities. These bearings are furnished with an anti-rotation pin in the outer ring to prevent potential damage and loss of efficiency caused by the outer ring spinning in the housing. Our 300 series ball bearings feature Rexnord’s optional Shurlok tapered adapter shaft locking device. Shurlok provides concentric mounting with 360-degree clamping. This feature greatly increases holding power, reduces vibration, and makes installation and removal dramatically easier. 

Ball bearings most often fail due to lubrication issues and incorrect mounting. We’ve worked to resolve mounting issues by creating unique shaft locking devices including Centrik Lok CL and Shurlok. Multiple sealing options are available to prevent lubrication issues and keep bearings free of contaminants. Link-Belt ball bearings can be customized to run smoothly in every situation and in any environmental condition. 

Link-Belt Klean-Gard

Klean-Gard ball bearings offer the ideal bearing solutions for the food and beverage industries. Klean-Gard bearings feature a Link-Belt 440 C stainless steel insert and polypropylene housing, making them extremely resistant to rust and corrosion due to harsh chemicals from washdown applications. Klean-Gard’s white housing helps make dirt and contaminants visible to ensure sanitary operations. The housing is ideal for controlling moisture accumulation and preventing microbial growth. Klean-Gard comes pre-lubricated with food grade grease and features premium sealing options with unequalled performance.

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Product Categories


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