100 Series Torque Limiter


The Rexnord Autogard 100 Series Torque Limiter is a general purpose torque overload device that provides low cost, reliable protection for industrial equiptment.

Features & Benefits

  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Torque ranges from 6Nm to 500Nm
  • Shaft sizes up to 50.8 mm (2 inches)
  • Low cost
  • Reliable protection
  • Simple operation

Product Details

Improve your operation’s efficiency and profitability

The Rexnord® Autogard® 100 Series Torque Limiter features a mechanism that will reliably disconnect a mechanical drive when a pre-set torque level is exceeded and then automatically reset in the same position after the cause of the overload is resolved. Disconnection due to torque overload can be signalled by using a proximity sensor.

Rexnord Autogard 100 Series Torque Limiters are offered in two configurations, model 103 and model 106. Model 103 is for use on chain and belt drives with the addition of a sprocket or a pulley. Model 106 is for shaft-to-shaft applications and includes a standard flexible jaw coupling.