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The Rexnord Innovation Center has decades of experience measuring strain, vibration, temperature and torque loads in the field to diagnose failures, and verify mathematical calculations for industrial equipment, metals, and more. Rexnord supports mining industry testing, food & beverage industry testing, water management testing, shipping industry testing, energy industry testing, automotive industry testing, wastewater treatment industry testing, agri-farm product testing, and, aerospace testing throughout the world.

Rexnord Innovation Center Turbomachinery Overview

Energy & Power Testing

The Rexnord Innovation Center has provided testing services to the energy market and gas compression segment for over 20 years. Engery & Power Testing Applications Include:

  • Couplings
  • Brakes
  • Clutches
  • Gear Boxes
  • Bearing
  • Vibration and modal analysis of DC generators
  • Metallurgical evaluation of boilers and steam generation equipment
  • Drive train testing for wind engery

Automotive Testing

Work with a true partner who understands your applications, identifies the right equipment, and adds value at every step. Rexnord has kept materials moving through automotive operations for more than a century. From sheet metal processing to conveying to testing — automotive operators, equipment manufacturers and engineers turn to Rexnord for their power transmission solutions.

Rexnord is a leading manufacturer of critical system components that perform under the most rigorous demands in your automotive applications -- including conveying chains and components, bearings, couplings, gear drives and torque limiters. With safety in mind, our products are engineered to meet cost and performance criteria to ensure the most efficient transportation testing solution for specific applications.

Aerospace Testing Lab

Rexnord Innovation Center Aerospace Overview

At Rexnord Technical Services, product research and innovation play a major role in the design, testing and evaluation of products for the aerospace industry. Because of the exacting demands imposed on aerospace components and systems, the most current engineering techniques are combined with sophisticated testing equipment to provide customers the assurance that their products perform as expected.

At the Rexnord Innovation Center, the Rexnord Technical Services staff of over 40 engineers, scientists, and technicians is available to address Aerospace Testing. We recommend and evaluate:

  • Changes in design, materials and processes
  • Product performance capabilities
  • Special application or environmental effects
  • Chemical and metallurgical investigations

Our specialized equipment permits independent testing of bearing products to gain application insights or qualification.

This unique combination of technical skills and resources reflects our commitment to continually advance product quality and technology.

Flight Spectrum Simulation

Four testers capable of applying constant, variable, or programmed sequences of load and motion are available. Pushpull loading of up to 100,000 lbs. can be accommodated while the included oscillation angle can vary from 1° to 60° within temperatures ranging from -50° to 250°F.

The cyclic rate depends on the load and oscillation angle, but up to 1200 CPM may be applied at 1° oscillation. These testers are utilized to perform specialized complex load-motion spectra for qualification testing and simulation of actual in-service conditions.

Custom Aerospace Testers

We have the capability to design and fabricate custom test setups for tests that cannot be performed in standard configurations. These can be set up in load frames or on a test bed.

Oscillation Testers

Nine Mechanical Testers
  • Load capacity: Radial loads of 20,000- 100,000 lbs.
  • Oscillation angles: 2° to 150°
  • Speeds: 10-350 CPM
  • Temperature: -50°F to 450°F
  • Full rotation capability to 350 RPM

These testers are generally used to perform standard capacity testing to evaluate changes in material, design, and manufacturing processing.

Fatigue Testers

Eighteen testers capable of controlling load, strain, or displacement with loads from a few pounds to 200,000 lbs. are available. Simple sinusoidal loading or complex variable amplitude loading can be done while simultaneously recording data. An environmental chamber allows testing from -50º to 500ºF.

Static Testers

Two testers are used for the static application of loads in either tension or compression. Load capacity ranges from a few pounds to 300,000 lbs. These are used for qualification testing as well as evaluating basic material properties.


The Rexnord Innovation Center has provided testing services to the mining industry for 40 years. Our experienced staff has performed both in-house and on-site evaluation of mining equipment throughout the world. Mining Industry Testing Includes:

  • Rock Crushers
  • Mining Shovels
  • Blast Hole Drill Rigs
  • Gear Drives
  • Couplings
  • Elevators
  • Brakes
  • Clutches
  • Bearings
  • Idlers
  • Backstops
  • Ball Mills
  • Conveyors

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