Expert Witness & Litigations Support

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In cases involving product liability, patent infringement, or future risk, it is vital to have litigation support consisting of credible experts to investigate the situation.

The Rexnord Innovation Center has highly qualified, licensed engineers and Ph.D. scientists to reliably serve as expert witnesses.

  • Patent infringement support for power transmission products
  • Finite element analysis of structures
  • Physical testing of components
  • Literature review and analysis
  • Expert witness participation during litigation of cases
  • On site investigations
  • Coefficient of friction in slip/fall cases
  • O-ring failures in a pressure vessel
  • Chemical analysis for trace elements in a commercial preparation
  • Review of machinery component design to meet specifications
  • Conveyor malfunctions
  • Observation of industrial pump test program where results are used in marketing campaigns
  • Review of in-house testing procedures, equipment and documentation
  • Verification of chemical composition relative to published specifications

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