Technical Engineering Services and Support

Our technical engineering services include on site testing and analysis, custom test fixtures, competitive product evaluation, engineering mechanics, and litigation support.

Product Design & Development

Successful product development requires a disciplined approach to achieving innovative, technically sound, market-viable products on schedule and within budget.   RTS developments include: Polymeric chains and sprockets for wastewater equipment, industrial planetary gear reducers, elastomeric flexible element couplings, polymeric bearings, airline baggage handling equipment, railroad wheel lubricant delivery system.

Special Equipment and Test Design

RTS can design and build special testers to measure operating parameters during simulated, but controlled, service conditions.   Testers built to date include: Bearing testers for the Navy, motorcycle transmission testers, gear box testers, elevator lift capacity, helical gear reducers, carbon brush performance, medicine bottle closure durability, railroad tie fastener life, hand tool quality and others designed specifically for in-plant QA/QC use.

Product QA/QC, Reliability & FMEA

RTS has staff members with the technical training to devise statistically designed experiments (DOE) to optimize products and processes.   Test procedures and inspection criteria to verify performance characteristics and “fitness for use” have been implemented on a wide range of industrial components and products.   Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) can be performed during product development to help identify critical areas and to assess the economic impact of product failure.

Mechanical Testing

Determination of strength, ductility and toughness for both metallic and plastic materials is done to ASTM, SAE or ISO standards.   Test modes include tension, compression, flexural, torsional, impact, 3 or 4-point bending on standard samples or specialized materials.   Equipment Capabilities include: 25 lb to 300,000 lb tension/compression testers, Drop Weight, and extensive sample preparation facilities.

Environmental Testing

The environments available include: programmable temperature (-100°F/+375°F), temperature-humidity, fluid immersion (water, oil, sludge, dust, rocks, ceramic, sand), and spray chambers. These are available for the determination of mechanical and degraded properties.

We perform standard Environmental Tests using testing technology developed over decades (including Accelerated Aging tests). We can also specifically design tests to meet your needs.

Materials Analysis Support

Metallic or plastic materials evaluation via macro and microscopic examination, quantitative phase identification, SEM, thermal cycling, and salt spray testing.   Equipment Capabilities include: Optical emission spectroscopy, Infrared Spectroscopy, DSC, TGA, TMA, Viscosity, Zeiss Metallograph, Definitive Imaging Image Analysis, Rockwell and Brinell hardness, Diamond Pyramid and Knoop hardness, and Harshaw salt spray.

Prototype, Fabrication & Machine Shop

RTS is staffed to produce complex “one-of-a-kind” items or short run critical components.   All designed, fabricated or machined components are accurate, reliable and cost effective.   Our craftsmen will work closely with your engineers or production personnel to help eliminate bottlenecks.

Expert Witness/Consulting/Litigation Support

RTS pioneered the concept of “active proof” — a combination of laboratory and field investigations to corroborate conclusions based on theory and past experience. RTS has highly qualified, credible, Professional Engineers to reliably serve as Technical Consultants or Expert Witnesses.

Total Production Maintenance

RTS is qualified to perform TPM inspections of industrial machinery in your location.   Vibration monitoring, hot spot determination via thermography, and oil analysis will lead to a “machinery health” determination.

Metrology & Precision Measurements

RTS has surface analysis capabilities including circumferential surface profiles, surface roughness, flatness and roundness.   Other measurements include: Radius of curvature, complex dimensional measurements, reverse engineering. RTS maintains a staff of trained industrial micrometer certifiers to ASTM methods and standards.

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