Refinery and Petrochemical Industry Solutions

Request InformationWhen uptime and reliability are critical, Rexnord is the logical choice. From fluid, air and gas handling, to generators, cooling towers, and bulk material handling — plant operators, equipment manufacturers and consulting engineers turn to Rexnord for their power transmission solutions. Count on our superior product quality, on-the-spot field service and industry-leading technical support to prevent costly maintenance, repairs, and shutdowns, which ultimately maximize your return over the product’s total lifecycle.

Brochure: Power Transmission Products & Solutions for Refinery and Petrochemical Plants
TCO: Thomas Disc Coupling Saves Significant Maintenance and Downtime Costs

Interactive: Rexnord Products for Refinery and Petrochemical Plants

Learn how Rexnord power transmission solutions support refinery and petrochemical plants.

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Bearing Products

For the toughest environments choose reliable, durable, easy-to-install Rexnord Bearings customized for your application.

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Link-Belt SAF-Style Bearing

High load-carrying capacity. Easy-to-remove and install shaft adapters.

Interchange Guide: Link-Belt SAF-Style Bearing

Rex Cylindrical and Spherical Roller Bearing

Broad offering of standard, narrow, wide and intermediate width series and full range of housing styles.

Brochure: Rex Cylindrical Bearing

Rex SHURLOK Adapter Mount Spherical Roller Bearing

Positive Locking System (PLS) for longer life. Spyglass Optical Strain Sensor (OSS) technology for reduced shaft mounting errors.

Product Sheet: Rex SHURLOK Adapter Mount Spherical Roller Bearing

Conveying Solution Products

For maximum protection of container and cases traveling at all speeds and capacities, choose Rexnord Conveying Solutions.

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Offered in a variety of designs and CEMA ratings required for a variety of conveyor designs.

Brochure: RexBelt Conveyor Idlers and Components

Coupling Products

Choose from non-lubricated, lubricated and composite coupling designs to keep your petroChem operation moving.

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Thomas XTSR Disc Coupling

Long-lasting coupling with standard and custom designs for API, balanced, and high-speed requirements.

Brochure: Thomas XTSR Disc Coupling

Falk Steelflex Grid Couplings

These industry standard, high-performing grid couplings are the best option for many high-torque, high-vibration applications.

Brochure: Falk Steelflex Grid Coupling

Rexnord Euroflex Disc Couplings

Ideal for gas and steam turbine-driven, gas compression and test bench applications with higher than normal speed and misalignment needs.

Brochure: Rexnord Euroflex Disc Coupling

Centa Torsionally Soft Couplings

Torsionally flexible couplings designed to dampen vibration on critical components.

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Omega Elastomeric Couplings

Excellent vibration dampening and high-misalignment capacity, for extended life of connected equipment.

Product Sheet: Omega Elastomeric Coupling

Viva Elastomeric Couplings

Split-in-half flex element for efficient installation and replacement. Patented "V" notch design for overload protection.

Product Sheet: Viva Elastomeric Coupling

Wrapflex Elastomeric Couplings

Polyurethane element for excellent wear and chemical resistance. Patented hub and flex element design ensure long life.

Product Sheet: Wrapflex Elastomeric Coupling

Gear Products

For your demanding energy applications choose Rexnord’s high-quality and reliable gear designs.

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Falk V-Class Gear Drive

Heavy-duty ductile iron, horizontally split housing, Magnum no-leak seals, runs cooler for longer life, quiet drive train.

Product Sheet: Falk V-Class Gear Drive

Falk Quadrive Shaft-Mounted Gear Drives

Built to stand up to continuous rough duty and is the easiest, quickest shaft-mounted drive to remove and install.

Product Sheet: Falk Quadrive Shaft-Mounted Gear Drive

Planetgear Speed Reducers

Modular, compact, power dense design and taconite duty seals for optimal performance.

Product Sheet: Planetgear Speed Reducers

Falk A-Plus Gear Drives

Customizable steel housing and range of sizes allows this gearbox to be tailored to heavy-duty applications.

Catalog: Falk A-Plus Gear Drive

Falk Ultramite Gearmotors

Features TA bushing for easy install/change-out; enables fitting of all standard IEC/NEMA motors.

Product Sheet: Ultramite Gearmotors

Water Screen Systems

Traveling Water Screen

Custom engineered self-cleaning water screen system with a revolving belt that removes debris from natural or man-made water sources.

Sell Sheet: Traveling Water Screens Traveling Water Screen Proposal Questionnaire

Static or Stationary Water Screen

Custom engineered set of framed mesh panels with baskets at the bottom to catch debris when lifted for cleaning.

Sell Sheet: Static Water Screens Static Water Screen Proposal Questionnaire

Manually Operated Traveling Water Screens

Manually rotated traveling water screen operated by an electric drill. Great replacement for old or inefficient stationary screens.

Sell Sheet: Manual Drill Drive Traveling Water Screens

Trash Racks or Trash Screens

Custom engineered heavy-duty water screens that prevent large debris from entering a water intake system on a natural waterway.

Sell Sheet: Trash Screens Trash Racks

PT Drive Component Products

Protect your equipment, provide instant disengagement of your drives, and more with Rexnord PT Drive Components.

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Stearns Motor Mounted Brakes

Standard products with a wide range of options offer a customized brake for a variety of applications.

Interchange Guide: Armature Actuated Brakes NEMA Cface Motor Brakes

Autogard Torque Limiters

Adjustable, accurate and repeatable torque setting with instant and complete disengagement of drive for better performance.

Brochure: Autogard Torque Limiter Selection Guide

Falk True Hold Low-Speed Backstops

Roller/ramp design provides instant protection from system failure or overload.

Catalog: Falk True Hold Low Speed Backstops

Tollok Keyless Locking Assemblies

Offered in a wide range of internal locking assemblies, locking elements, shrink discs and rigid couplings with up to 2,500,000 pounds-feet torque transmitting capacity.

Brochure: Why Choose Rexnord Tollok Locking Assemblies


Make your gear drive new again for your mining application with Rexnord’s unparalleled remanufacturing capabilities.

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Rexnord Industrial Services

Industry-leading gear drive repair, on-site repair, and universal drive shaft and clutch repair.

Brochure: Rexnord Industrial Service Offerings