Keeping You In Motion

At the heart of the gear drive, gears turn in pairs, working together to transmit power to your application. Gear drives increase torque, reduce speed, and change direction of the rotating shaft. With so much relying on such a basic piece of equipment, it’s imperative to start with a gear drive you can count on. Selecting the proper gear drive (especially for heavy-duty applications) reduces wear on components, increases uptime, and ensures your equipment is running efficiently. Rexnord is one of the most trusted names in industry, with Rexnord gear drives installed in some of the world’s toughest applications. High-quality, reliable, and rugged Rexnord gear drives offer power and performance you can count on. When your application demands performance, rely on Rexnord gear drives to consistently deliver.

Rugged Designs with a Warranty to Depend On

We stand behind our reliability. We offer an unsurpassed, heavy-duty three-year warranty on the majority of our gear drives and components. When your operations demand power and torque, Rexnord is the reliable choice. The demands of each application may vary on a variety of factors including drive rating, thermal capacity, speed, and horsepower, but in all cases gear drive reliability is critical. Rexnord services a wide variety of heavy duty industries with high quality, precision engineered gear drives and components. Names like Falk V-Class, Rexnord Planetgear, and Falk Quadrive set the bar in the gear drive industry. Rexnord is proud to carry these heavy-duty gear drives in our product portfolio. When you need dependability and performance, look no further than Rexnord.