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For over 100 years, Rexnord has been the trusted name in bearings. Our Rex and Link-Belt bearing brands have long set the standard for quality, durability, and performance that customers have come to expect. We offer both customized, and off-the-shelf spherical roller bearings as well as dedicated Engineering support to ensure you get the spherical roller bearings you need.

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More About Spherical Roller Bearings

The Industry Leader in Spherical Roller Bearings

Spherical roller bearings are the workhorse of industry. Used in sectors from mining and manufacturing to cement, paper products, and more, spherical roller bearings keep equipment running smoothly. Rexnord is the trusted name in spherical roller bearings.

We offer bearings to meet every need. Whether you’re looking for an off-the-shelf solution or a customized, high-performance spherical roller bearing to suit your unique application, we have the bearings you need. Our spherical roller bearings are designed and built to the highest standards and undergo rigorous quality testing. Rexnord offers a wide array of sizes, sealing options, shaft locking mechanisms, and other options to provide you with the right bearing for your application.

Standard or Custom Roller Bearings: You Have Options

Rexnord’s spherical roller bearings meet the needs of industry. Whether it’s a customized premium performance bearing, a proven workhorse bearing, or a high-quality off-the-shelf bearing solution, Rexnord has the bearings for every application.

In addition to having the right portfolio, Rexnord bearings can address leading causes of premature bearing failure to ensure you get the most out of your bearings. Rexnord offers options to address both lubrication contamination and installation errors. Plus, our Rex and Link Belt product lines come standard with the flexibility to address common field issues (such as the need for higher speed capacity, high temperature operating conditions, vibration, noise and shock) through minor adjustments that can be completed quickly and easily in the field.

Our premium high-performance Rex spherical roller bearing line offers infinite customization options to ensure you have the highest quality performance in any application. Our highly skilled and experienced team of application engineers are ready to customize a Rex bearing for your application.

Link-Belt spherical roller bearings are the rugged industry workhorse that has proven its performance and robustness throughout its storied history. Throughout industry, the Link-Belt name has become synonymous with durability.

PT Select is Rexnord’s line of high quality off-the-shelf spherical roller bearings that are always in stock and ready for your application. PT Select bearings are available in the most common shaft sizes and housing configurations, providing unbeatable value and turnaround time.

For every application, Rexnord has you covered with roller bearings that meet and exceed industry standards across the board. Rexnord provides total system bearing solutions for every situation.



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