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Designed for Strength and Stiffness, Extending Product Life.

The Rexnord 1600 Series KleanTop plastic modular belt allows for increased weight and speed and longer conveyor runs, maximizing customer throughput. It’s built to last, made from FDA- and EU-approved materials, with a design that makes hygienic cleaning easy. The 1600 Series Kleantop is an ideal solution for a variety of food and general conveying applications including: direct food contact, side-flexing, mass flow, cooling, pan and tray handling, packaging and bagging.

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What can the 1600 Series KleanTop plastic modular belt do for your application?

Benefits of the 1600 Series

Stronger and Stiffer Than Comparative Belts

A stronger and stiffer design improves belt life, while reducing customer downtime due to maintenance when switching out belts.

Food-Safe Design Mitigates Product Contamination

A strengthened outer edge and plug-less rod retention provides a food-safe design.

Cleans Easily & Effectively

The open hinge design gives maximum access to the rod, with 60 percent rod exposure ensuring it can be effectively cleaned. This is especially important in those food applications requiring direct food contact and a high level of sanitation be maintained.

Handles Heavy Loads

Improved edge strength allows this belt to handle heavier loads and higher speeds, maximizing throughput.