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Reliable Performance in Food Applications

The 390 Series KleanTop belt features an optimized design for tight transfer conveyors and is available in materials specific for the food industry. Used for small product handling where stability or delicate nature of product is critical to operation, the 390 Series delivers on performance and reliability.

What can the 390 Series KleanTop plastic modular belt do for your applications?

Benefits of the 390 Series


The belt can carry more load and withstand high peak loads (500lbs/ft 7300N), allowing for longer conveyors with  fewer drives and transfers. 

Decrease Downtime

Depend on the improved sprocket engagement and positive drive system to minimizes the need for adjustments for belt tracking and continuous operation.

Reduces Product Damage & Loss

Featuring an 8mm pitch, the belt is capable of a tight, “knife edge” transfer for small, delicate or unstable products, ensuring they are conveyed without product loss or damage.

Mitigates Product Contamination

The headless rod and self-locking retention reduces the chance of product contamination caused by rod or belt wear, or damage during assembly/disassembly .