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Reliable Conveying with Less Downtime

The Rexnord 590 Series KleanTop plastic modular belt offers the optimal combination of ease in cleaning, transfer capability and belt strength. Built especially for applications in the food processing line, the 590 Series' design helps to reduce unplanned downtime, save resources in cleaning and protect food quality.

What can the 590 Series KleanTop plastic modular belt do for your application?

Benefits of the 590 Series

Decrease Downtime

A single rod per row of belting, coupled with access to the rod from either side of the belt helps to ensure assembly and maintenance is more efficient. The headless rod retention system eliminates damage to the rod or belt, allowing the rod to be reused.

Mitigates Product Contamination

A reinforced edge eliminates the risk of product contamination that is inherent with plastic belting as edges wear down over time. The belt's headless rod retention system altogether eliminates the risk of contamination from rod or belt damage.

Reduces Product Damage & Loss

The optimized sprocket design engages the sprocket securely with the belt so product moves smoothly without the belt jumping on the sprocket. Since it is capable of running on a three-quarter inch nosebar, even the most delicate product transfers safely.

Cleans Easily & Effectively

The open hinge design gives critical access to the rod, ensuring it can be effectively cleaned. Unlike other belts that have an open hinge design, the 590 Series still provides structure around the hinge so it is strong enough to carry product through a variety of applications.