Strong, Stable Metal Belting

Designed for efficient airflow, easy cleaning and product stability, the Cambri-Link Series conveyor belt helps maintain product quality in a straight-running or spiral applications.

What can the Cambri-Link Series metal belt do for your application?

Benefits of the Cambri-Link Series

Adaptable for Your Application

Belt construction can be customized to fit the needs of your application. Options include custom openings across the width to suit your product size, reinforcing bars for additional product support, and different turn radii to accommodate your floorplan.

Optimizes Floor Space

The Cambri-Link belt comes in straight-running or turn style to accommodate your plant's floorplan. Turn and spiral options are available in standard (2.2), reduced (1.7 or 1.5) and tight (1.0) radius designs. Reduced radius belts do not require central links, helping to ensure stable product placement. 

Cleans Easily & Effectively

Fully-collapsible construction of the Cambri-Link belts help provide access for easy sanitation. Each picket has an oblong slot that holds the rod allowing water and other cleaning agents to efficiently clean otherwise difficult-to-reach areas of the belt.

Retains Product Quality

Positively driven with a smooth surface design, the Cambri-Link belt enables smooth, vibration-free conveying on a stable surface. Customizable openings allow for superior product support while still allowing consistent airflow and drainage.




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