Easy Travel Around Curves

The Sani-Grid metal conveyor belt is unique in that it is simply designed yet very durable and versatile. It is able to withstand harsh and abusive conditions often found in poultry processing, and can carefully transfer delicate products such as doughnuts and pastries. Available in straight-running and turn-style configurations, the Sani-Grid is especially beneficial in older facilities, or ones that experience frequent production line changes.

What can the Sani-Grid metal conveyor belts do for your application?

Benefits of the Sani-Grid Series

Retains Product Quality

Sani-Grid’s single-rod construction provides the open area ideal for coating applications. Icing and breading easily falls through, leaving food product cleanly and consistently coated and delicately transferred to the next application.

Cleans Easily & Effectively

Simply designed for maximum ease in cleaning, the single-rod construction not only prevents buildup of debris, but also comes clean easily during hygiene practices.

Decreases Downtime

Available in high quality steel (including stainless-steel for food applications) to ensure durability even in harsh applications. When the belt does require a section be replaced, it is easily spliced to ensure your production is back running quickly.

Adaptable for Your Application

Available in both straight-running and turn-style configurations, the Sani-Grid is especially useful in facilities that require conveyor systems to make tight turns around columns or other structures on the production floor.




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