400 Series (Legacy) Torque Limiter


Autogard 400 Series torque limiters are available for sale; however, we recommend selecting the enhanced F400 design.

The 400 Series has been designed to meet the need for a high-and low-speed, free-wheeling torque limiter. It differs from previous ball detent designs by using two sets of balls on concentric pitch circles.

Autogard® 400 Series Upgrade to F400 Series Product Info

Features & Benefits

  • Unique reverse-to-reset mechanism
  • Accommodates high- and low-speed applications
  • Torque range up to 220,000 in-lbs (24,860 Nm)
  • Shaft sizes up to 6 inches (150 mm)

400 Series Details

  • Proven design with thousands of units successfully in operation
  • Cost-effective designs
  • Accurate torque limitation prevents costly downtime
  • Standard designs can accommodate large torque ranges
  • Instantaneous disengagement protects equipment from damaging inertias
  • Bi-directional protection
  • Designed to operate at high and low speeds
  • Offered in a large number of styles ensuring the right solution is available for all applications:
    - Timing, HTD & V-Belt drives
    - Chain and sprocket drives
    - Gear drives
    - Flexible or rigid couplings
    - Flywheel or large gear mounts
  • Springs can be inspected and changed without removing the torque limiter from the drive train

Compatible with Falk V-Class Gear Drives